Is there a charge for delivery?

YES. There is a nominal charge for deliveries made within a 20 mile radius. Additional fees will be applied to deliveries outside of this radius and some products like masonry goods and oversized items will carry additional fees.

What days can I get a delivery in my area?

Unlike other suppliers, Iverson’s Lumber does not have set weekly routes making you wait until we are in your neighborhood to bring you a delivery. We deliver Monday through Friday to most areas within approximately 25 miles of our locations. So, arranging a delivery to your house is as easy as just giving us a call.

Can I get next day delivery?

YES. If you live within a 20 mile radius of the store AND you give us at least 24hrs notice. “Next Day” requests should be called into the store by 12:00 p.m. the day prior. Requests for Monday deliveries must be called in by the previous Friday by 2:00 pm.

What time will my Iverson’s Lumber delivery arrive?

We deliver during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. Unfortunately, due to the nature of deliveries, we can not specify delivery times. Factors such as weather, traffic, delays etc. are unpredictable and can cause all loads to be delayed. Please Note: In order to keep the cost of our delivery service low to consumers, we stage our trucks with multiple loads. In some cases, we may be able to deliver to you in the morning and at other times it might not be until later afternoon. You can however, request that our Dispatcher call you when your delivery leaves our yard to give you an approximate arrival time.

Do you offer C.O.D.s—Cash On Delivery?

No. C.O.D.s are the least preferred method of payment and can be problematic. Therefore, we request that you arrange for payment of materials prior to your delivery.

Will the driver place the materials where I want them?

Our drivers will attempt to place their vehicles as close as possible to the unloading point. However, jobsite conditions may impede the placement of our delivery truck on your property. Items that would be damaged by inclement weather will be covered or put into garage areas. For safety reasons, we will not carry goods up or down stairs or place materials throughout a house.

What if there is a problem with the quantity or quality of materials delivered?

We make every effort to make sure your delivery is accurate and of high quality. Any claims of delivery discrepancies must be communicated with your salesperson within 24 hours of receiving your delivery.

Will you set shingles on my roof ?

NO. Due to insurance reasons we cannot place items on building structures (roofs or second floors). We do have some specialty equipment such as boom trucks that may help meet your needs—please talk to your salesperson for further details.

What can I expect with a drywall delivery?

We provide drywall delivery for first, second and third floors in our company owned boom truck.

Can I get my leftover materials picked up?

YES. Normal delivery fees may apply for materials being picked-up and restocked. Any left over materials you have should be protected from the weather to prevent damage. All pickup materials will be subject to inspection by the driver and the final inspection by our Material Checker. *Anything returned in non-saleable condition will not be credited and will be disposed of.

What are my responsibilities as a customer when I am expecting a delivery?

Clear an area for placement of goods. Have ample able-bodied people available to help unload. Ensure driveway is clear for delivery truck. Have materials delivered a few days ahead of time so you can inspect them. Check your estimate carefully to ensure you’ve ordered enough materials to complete the job. Know where underground objects are that might interfere with delivery (i.e. location of septic tanks, drainage tile, etc.)