Replacing A Blade In A Circular Saw

Replacing A Blade In A Circular Saw

Occasionally you may find that you have to take out a circular saw blade to either replace or sharpen it. Here are the steps to take to replace your circular saw blade:

Safety first
First and foremost, make sure that the circular saw is detached from its power source. Also be sure to wear work gloves so you don’t slice your hands on the blade.

Getting to the blade
The blade will likely be attached by a bolt that you will have to remove with a wrench or it is held together and can only be removed with a hex key. No matter which one you have, prepare your tools for it. You also may have a safety in the way of removing the blade, take it off and set aside if you see that it will interfere.

In with the new
Now that the old blade is off, it’s time to place the new one. Note how the blade pointed when you removed it. The new one should go on the same exact way. The blade turns clockwise so that’s the way it should be facing.

Putting it back together
Now that the blade is back on, tighten the bolt very snug. If you removed the safety, you should also place that back on it. Before you try sawing with the new blade, plug it in and just make sure that the blade is turning true in the air for a few revolutions.