Four Tips For Buying A Circular Saw

Four Tips For Buying A Circular Saw

A circular saw is probably one of the most commonly used tools among those who work with wood. With that being the case, you will want to buy a sturdy model that will last you a long time. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking at the various models to choose from:

You need to consider between a corded and cordless model. With a cordless version, you aren’t constrained to where there is a power outlet. However, with a corded version you will not be forced to constantly charge batteries. Before you decide, think about whether mobility is important to you or not. If you can’t think of a time that you were away from an outlet while cutting, the corded version is probably the way to go.

There are different size saws for every occasion. However if you want the most versatility you should almost go with a saw that has at least a 1-horsepower motor.

Safety is important so make sure that the saw is equipped with sturdy blade guards and good handles. Going back to mobility, the cord length should be sufficient for your needs before you buy it.

Blade size
Depending on the size jobs that you do, you may need a bigger blade. Most models have seven and a quarter inch blades. Before you buy check out how much blades are for your specific model. If they are extremely costly, it may affect your decision.