Operating An Electric Hedge Trimmer

Operating An Electric Hedge Trimmer

If your hedges are starting to get a bit too big to handle, it may be time for a trim. Only problem is you really don’t feel like getting out there with manual sheers and clipping every piece of excess shrub. If you want a quick fix, using your own or renting an electric hedge trimmer is the most viable option for you. Here are some ideas on properly operating an electric hedge trimmer:

Be precautious
Do not try and handle a hedge trimmer that is too big for you. Also, hedge trimmers should always have a hand guard. Be sure to wear eye protection so a piece of the shrub doesn’t come up and get you in the eye.

Corded or not?
Often times the problem run into most frequently is the length of the extension cord you will need to trim your hedges. Once you do get the cord as far as you need, be careful that you don’t get lazy and just leave excess cord on the bush or you could end up cutting through it. If the trimmer has a motor, make sure you follow the fuel instructions and keep the fluids at the correct level.

Smooth operator
When you are trimming, always have a small oil can handy. There should be small holes on the metal piece protecting the blades. With the unit idle, you can apply oil in those holes to help reduce friction.

Keep it level
When operating the trimmer, move side-to-side while on the top of the shrub and up-and-down when on the side. Always use a sweeping motion and keep your pace steady.